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Tia's Tex Mex "Craving"  

This spot was part of a five-year campaign for Tia's Tex Mex. The craving monster evolved as the campaign unfolded, winning multiple creative awards as well as double-digit sales increases for the client.

Floyd Medical Center "Baby"  

The goal of this spot, written and produced for an adolescent psych facility, was to help distraught parents see their rebellious teenagers as the frightened children they are and seek treatment.

El Chico "Greater Tuna, Texas"  
MP3 Food Pyramid
MP3 Ladybird
MP3 Sermon

These spots ran concurrently with the TV campaign, which you can view on the TV page. Each spot was intended to further the positioning of El Chico Tex Mex as a ritual part of Texas life, while extolling the virtues of specific items.

Galleria "Fashion Police"  

This slightly tongue-in-cheek spot invites Dallas women to use Galleria as their fall fashion primer.

Culwell & Son "Tailor"  

The medium is the message in this spot which exemplifies the way Culwell & Son custom tailors each detail to exacting standards.

la Madeleine "Morph"  

What happens when an all-American guy goes to la Madeleine? He takes a head trip that requires a passport.

CC's Coffeehouses "Passion"  

According to the client, this campaign raised CC's awareness by 27% in Texas. The radio and print both used the New Orleans passion theme to differentiate the brand.

Mercy "Child"  

Mercy Hospital developed an Internet program to educate young women considering parenthood. This spot was created to drive them to the site.